Why a mobile site?

The problem with normal sites

According to Google Sweden is the third most mobile-saturated country. More smartphones than PCs were sold last year. According to a study, mobile surfing will outpace computer surfing by 2015.

The problem is that most sites are NOT optimized for the web. On mobile devices they are small, inefficient, and hard to use. For example, Flash is not supported on mobile devices. If your site is Flash-heavy, it might not be seen at all!

Mobile optimization

The solution is a mobile-optimized site. It is your web site, but optimized for smartphones.

It is usually a simplified version of your current homepage but with the same important information like work area, contact information, maps, and telephone numbers.

NMU can help!

Right now you can get your web site transformed into a easy-to-navigate and attractive mobile site with us from 6,000kr!

Hosting fees are from 100kr/month.

Contact us today, and we'll help you reach more customers.

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